Support the Season

Support a year of opera and outreach with your gift

Behind every great performance and every educational program offered by the Opera is the generosity of our wonderful donors. You too can support The Santa Fe Opera and enjoy member benefits, including reserved parking and priority ticketing.

  • Individual Gifts

    Join other opera lovers and adventurous newcomers and make a gift to the Opera's Annual Fund. Enjoy benefits to enhance your experience during the season such as access to reserved tickets, parking privileges, and admission to rehearsals.

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    View from McCune Terrace at the Opera Ranch
  • Production Underwriting

    Enjoy an insider's perspective and join a consortium of like-minded donors to sponsor the opera of your choice. Or make a Lead Gift to underwrite a season production. Special benefits give you up-close and personal access to The Santa Fe Opera. Gifts of $10,000 or more.

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    Salome, 2015
  • Apprentice Sponsorships

    Hundreds of apprentices, incudling Emily Fons and Susanna Phillips (pictured left in The Marriage of Figaro, 2013) benefitted from our Apprentice Program for Singers. Sponsor an apprentice for the Season and help an aspiring singer or technician advance in his or her career. read more

    Former Apprentices Emily Fons and Susanna Phillips in The Marriage of Figaro.
  • Business and Corporate Gifts

    Join other members of the Business Community and Corporate peers and make a gift to the Business and Corporate Fund. Enjoy benefits and expanded networking opportunities.

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    Business Council Opening Night Dinner, 2014, Rosemont Realty, LLC